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[AI1]AI Wrinkle Impact


The ultimate AI Wrinkle Impact that fights wrinkles using two cutting edge technologies

[AI artificial intelligence] Sense the damages of skin (dry or stratum corneum thickening) and releasing suitable ingredients in the serum automatically.As the micro-capsule dissolves, precious skincare ingredients will be released.Focus on damaged and to be damaged parts to repair intensively, preventng and fighting against aging efficiently and well-roundedly.

[Lamellar Skin Technology] Rebuilding the skin barrier function, lamellar structure (lamellar liquid crystals) maintains the hydration of skin. Lamellar liquid crystals has the seamless connection on surface of the skin to keep the skin moisturized. A better infiltration for the skincare ingredients.

Made in Japan

Net Content: e 20g

Product Details:World recognized cutting edge technology infiltrated AI Wrinkle Impact, solve all the wrinkle problems thoroughly , restore the plumpness and elasticity of skin.


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