Brand Origin

ODC anti-aging series skin care product has adopted the safest and the most active hydrogen atom with the strongest oxidation resistance that has been recognized by world medical anti-aging circle, and make use of the latched patent technology that locks and stores the hydrogen atom in the water through thirty thousand watts of voltage, special electrical frequency and mineral formula to form the distinct patented reductive hydrogen in the world. In 2015, it obtained several national patent application, which is the exclusive atom-level skin care product that can really resist aging, recover the skin to achieve the best state and revitalize the best skin cells in the world now.

In 1992, people found a magical cave in the village of Nordenau near Dusseldorf, Germany, and many of the local incurable people had miraculously recovered their health after drinking the magical water in the cave. Scientists from all over the world come to explore the mysterious water of the secret, after years of research found that the magical water is rich in hydrogen. Scientific research shows that life is an oxidative process leading to the human body aging and disease leader - free radicals (reactive oxygen free radicals), oxidative damage to the human body. which is almost all human aging and disease root causes.

After years of research, scientists in Europe and Japan discovered hydrogen (H), a more stable and cosmosier antioxidant element than vitamins and minerals. Experiments have shown that daily supplementation of hydrogen molecules is the most effective way to eliminate harmful free radicals. remove excess oxides. and fight cell aging.

The world's first Hydrogen Atom Anti-Aging product with Black Technology
Made in Japan with confidence. Backed by Japanese R&D.

ODC®originated from Germany's magical waters - patented reducing hydrogen water as a recipe principle, using the world's top anti-aging technology, developed by Japan's medical and biological research and development team with a history of seventy years, after ten years of research and development More advanced hydrogen atoms + "01)C® Essence". Easier to absorb, to help the human body to activate, regenerate new cells with complete structure and active functions, replace aging cells caused by various harmful factors, enhance the functions of various life systems, restore human energy and physical strength, and achieve natural beauty without makeup The medical-class anti-aging effect.

ODC®Brand Background

  • Anti-aging product with black technology
  • Provide hydrogen atom anti-aging program
  • Infinite skin care and health care series
  • Trilogy Repair the injured skin



ODC®Brand Goals

Specializing in R&D and application of the latest scientific anti-aging product to serve worldwide users.

ODC®Brand Mission

First in the world, touching for youth, beauty and health.

ODC®Business Vision                                        

Consumer-oriented direct sale business.

Brand Award

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