Beauty Concepts

♦ 1 Patented "Restoring Hydrogen Water"

Hydrogen, a more stable and effective antioxidant than vitamins and minerals.
Hydrogen water is the most effective way to eliminate the free radicals, oxidative chemicals and prevent cell aging.
Reducing harmful reactive oxygen species to safe water.

♦ 6 Major Core Competitiveness

  1. Fast
    • Spray gently, wrinkles will be disappeared and face will be in V shaped in 30 seconds. Simple steps with immediate effect, be your own skin care experts with a product that solves 8 major problems of aging skin in lighting speed.

  2. Small

    • International medical institution proves: the smallest antioxidant substance in the universe - hydrogen atom, is able to penetrate through any obstruction in our body and reach directly to the dermis and basal layer, therefore reactivating the cells, encouraging cell regeneration and enhancing body's metabolic rate.

  3. Dominant

    • Patented restoring hydrogen atom latch technology. 3-5 times longer storage duration than similar products, out-performed other ordinary skin care products taht are just nutrient supplements without strong and long-lasting absorption capabilities.

  4. Original

    • Authentic beauty concept with proven testimonies. Combining traditional beauty methods, modern treatments and futuristic regenerative beauty technology to become a complete cell repair Trilogy.

  5. Authentic

    • An anti-aging combination that extends from skin care to scalps. The world's first skin and scalp care formula that truly performs a 1+1>2 results.

  6. Safe

    • Hydrogen - the origin of universe, water - the source of life. The fundamental integredient comes from one of the four places in the entire world - Germany Knaudenau hydrogen water. It has no side effects and safe for pregnant women and infants.

♦ 8 Additive Free

  • Synthetic perfume Free
  • Nipagin Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Synthetic pigment Free
  • Phenoxyethanol Free
  • Synthetic Surfactant Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • UV Absorbent Free

♦ 9 Effective Compositions

  1. Proteoglycan

    • Whitening effect, improve the role of rough skin
    • Improve the elasticity of the skin to improve wrinkles
    • Moisturizing effect Similar to the role of epidermal cell growth factor (EGF)
    • Make into the role of hyaluronic acid
    • Promote the production of collagen
    • Reduce pigmentation
  2. Acquired Patent Technology Reducing Hydrogen Water

    • Hydrogen atoms extracted from marine minerals by proprietary latching techniques
    • The smallest anti-oxidant substance in the universe that penetrates any disorder.
  3. Rosa Damascena Flower Water

    • Moisturizing
    • Whitening
    • Anti aging
  4. Apple Fruit Cultivation Cell Extract

    • Strengthen the function of epidermal stem cells, activate stem cells, promote skin regeneration; reduce crow's feet.

  5. Chrysanthemun Flower

    • Extend TA-stem cell life
    • Inhibit TA-stem cell aging
    • Improve wrinkles
    • Anti-stress
    • Anti-inflammatory calm sterilization
    • Reduce crow's feet
  6. Oligopeptide

    • Dermal repair
    • Anti-wrinkle
    • Skin conditioning
  7. Peptide - Tripeptide

    • Enhance the barrier function of the epidermis Cell activation
    • Cell Proliferation
  8. Palmitoyl dipeptide 5 amino hydroxy butyric acid

    • Basement membrane functional improvement
    • Enhance the compact effect
    • Anti-wrinkle effect
    • Enhance cell binding
  9. Hydrolyzed yeast

    • Enhance the body immunity
    • Promote cell regeneration and repair

♦ 10 Functions

  1. Smooth wrinkles, repair and enhance
  2. Replenishment, bright white
  3. Pull, compact
  4. Fade stains, repair acne marks
  5. Relieve neuralgia
  6. Upright breast
  7. Swelling shape
  8. Relieve muscle pain
  9. Inflammation suppression
  10. Get rid of dark circles, bags under the eyes
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